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  • Uninstall Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 won't work on Mac

    I am trying to Uninstall Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 so  I can go back to VEP 6 but the Uninstaller launches and shows in the dock but does nothing. The VEP 6 installer won't work until I remove 7.  Any ideas

  • Same issue here. Just installed VEP7 upgrade on new machine and stupidly also installed Vienna Instruments software not knowing that that would install VE6. VE6 keeps crashing on plugin scan so can't open, but my DAW also can't open now b/c it keeps scanning VE6, which then crashes. AND WORST PART IS the app "Uninstall Vienna Instruments" in the Vienna Instruments application folder isn't launching! How do I get this thing off my computer?!