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  • Can I automate selection of MIX presets?


    Building a huge template in VEPro 7. I would like to be able to switch between MIX presets in the Synchron Player by automation send from Nuendo. Is that possible?
    Is it possible to assign a midi event to switch between Wide Room Mix to Classic Room Mix? 

  • Stig, there's no obvious way of automating Mix presetting. Loading these presets involves the slow-boat-to-China kind of software operations; definitely not suitable for realtime automation, which presumably is why no relevant mix presetting parameters are exposed for user-assignment to automation.

    Can't think of any cute workarounds - but maybe someone will.

  • Hi,

    The only workaround I can think of is to check where is the difference between the wide and classic preset and automate only the parameters that are changing (like panning and mixer channel volume). 

  • Well I just wanted to be able to change the mix presets for all my WW or Brass at one go, always feel that my life is running through my fingers, when I have to deal with all these endless edits on every channel.

  • Very nicely said Stig. (The exquisite quality of what I call "Danish Truth" is what made Søren Kierkegaard one of my all-time favourite philosophers! But I digress, lol)

    There is of course the option of setting up your own ready-for-anything template in which you have several copies of each of your usual WW and Brass instruments and ensembles already loaded, each copy in its own Synchron Player and each of these having a different Mix Preset already loaded, according to your requirements. Enabling and disabling each of these various "mix-preset option" Synchron Players in your template can be automated (but currently not possible for VEPro folders, alas).

  • Hi, 

    This is a valid point, and some kind of synchronisation option would definitely be handy. I have added this feature request to our wishlist. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Very kind of you Paul, thanks so much.

    Stig, even though we might have to wait a while, your post highlighting this problem may well lead to a somewhat more convenient life for many of us. My thanks to you also.

  • Thanks.

    By the way - are the much talked about feature, to be able turn on channels in VEPro7 by incomming MIDI, a feature you maybe will implement in the future?

    Best Stig

  • Some thoughts on a future "Synchronization" feature for Synchron Player's Mix presetting.

    There is currently a particular make and type of spatialisation plugins that have a unique and very convenient "Edit Group" feature. This optional feature allows many instances of the plugins to be assigned to one of 8 Edit Groups, such that all members of an Edit Group can be adjusted simultaneously and automatically simply by operating the controls of any one member of that Group, either manually or by automation.

    This Group-Editing facility works regardless of whether the plugins are enabled or bypassed, so that when any member of a Group is switched from bypassed to enabled it will immediately start operating with the latest Edit Group settings.

    In the case of the algorithmic reverb plugin of this particular make and type, the Edit Group facility works not only for parameter editing but also for selection and loading of any one of many hundreds of reverb presets. However, this is not necessarily the same kind of thing as loading IR files into a convolution type of reverb plugin. Very many optional algorithmic-reverb presets may be loaded into RAM along with the first plugin of the type, without causing a huge extra RAM burden. But loading very many optional IR files into RAM along with the first Synchron Player to be inserted may not be quite as economical with RAM.

    Hence I'm not optimistic about the prospect of seeing a new and comprehensive "Synchronisation" feature added to Synchron Player's Mix presetting. But maybe VSL's ever-resourceful and inventive devs will prove me wrong - anyway I hope so.