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  • Algorithmic reverbs


    Synchron and Synchronized libraries make use of algorithmic reverb, in addition to the real or convolution one. For most of the instruments I've checked, this is a Room Reverb (sometimes a Plate Reverb), adding a glossy layer of artificial reverb tail to the natural one, and helping in positioning of the individual instruments/sections in the space.

    The reverb is usuallyadded as an insert in an Aux channel, with varying levels of send from each mic channel. The final Reverb of the Synchron Player (the one you can see on the right of the mixer) is more rarely used (like in Appassionata Strings).

    Is there a reason for using the one instead of the other? I presume it is because the Aux reverb contains more parameters, and allows for a more detailed programming?

    Also, I would like some more information about the reverb (and, in general, all the effects) in the manual. Some examples: which measurements units are used for the reverb's "ER Size" parameter? Which for the Size parameter?

    And, in the compressor, to what does each Character value corresponds? I'm trying to figure it as an analogy with Waves' Renaissance Compressor, but I'm not sure what it is really doing.


  • Another question about artificial reverbs: I've tried replicating the Synchron Player's reverb with MIRacle inserted in VEPRO. The sound seems absolutely the same, and the parameters are perfectly matching.

    Since it is usually used as a final master reverb, I've always been in fear that it could have been too CPU intensive. At this point, I suspect, on the contrary, that it can be so lightweight, to be the ideal channel/bus reverb for VI libraries (and other non-VSL libraries).

    Is this correct? Is MIRacle light on CPU? It's hard for me to say, since the Mac's resources meter only shows VEPRO as a unique entity.


  • Yeah, in my experience MIRacle is not hungry for resources. 

  • Yes, apparently very light on the CPU. It's one of the best sounding algo reverbs, so I think I'll start using it whenever it is needed on individual tracks. All considered, it should be what VSL is doing in the Synchron Player.