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  • VM1 and VE Pro


    I bought about a year ago VM1, the iPad app (by Montreal Music Lab) for VE Pro, and could not really be able to have it work on my computer. I have been waiting for the release of the v.2, which eventually was supposed to be launched on March 10th. Now the app is not available yet on the App Store, but one can download the desktop version to give it a try. Wen I launch it, it says it can not find any VE Pro server although I opened one. I wrote to Montreal Music Lab but did not get any answer-these guys are really difficult to reach. Am I the only one with this kind of problem? It's a promising software, but so far I never really could use it.



  • Hi Benjamin,

    The app should appear on the Apple Store soon.

    About your desktop version, is your computer connected to internet with ethernet cable?

    Best regard

  • Hi,

    No, it is not, I use wifi. But I have disconnected it the reconnected it, and now it can see the servers.