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  • Manual printing issue


    I want t0 print out the Synchron Player and Strings Manuals.

    However, so far, I can only get 1 page at a time. 

    So far, for me, the "PRINT PDF BUTTON, presents and prints only the 1st page of a chapter, also the same for  clicking on a chapter title.

    Isn't there a link, a button, we can access that will print out manuals in their totality, as in the older days?

    Any help is appreciated. Stay safe out there, and thanks in advance!


  • Hi, 

    I'm afraid we still have to implement that feature, and it will take some more time. For now, you can "only" print the corresponding chapter with the web print button. 

    I can definitely send you the last versions we did as pdf for the Synchron Player manual, but we have only been updating the comfortable online version. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. Stay safe out there!