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  • Special edition SYzd + Dorico

    Hi folks,

    I asked this also in Steinberg's forum, but this applies here because I'm trying to use the VSL supplied Expression map (with the slight modification), shortly:


    Trying to set up brass patches so that I can use muted brass alongside unmuted, and have also muted staccatos switch correctly.


    On Midi channel 1: VSL trombone (without mutes) (SYnchronized SE, that doesn't have the sordino sounds)
    On midi channel 2: VSL trombone (old SE) with mutes (staccato and sustain/natural)

    Currently trying to use relative channel switch to switch between channels, but is that a correct way? This is my addition to the supplied Expression map. I have relative channels set to 0 for all the non sordino switches, and relative channel = 1 for the sordino switches.

    I can change from unmuted trombone to muted, but the muted staccatos don’t work.

    I have defined a Muted + Staccato switch in the expression map but no help.
    In the endpoint setup both channels have the same Expression map.

    Help appreciated!


    Jussi Lampela

  • Hello Jussi,

    Could you please send me your Dorico 3.5 project packed as a zip file at I am happy to look into your project file for you.  Just add the link to this thread in your email and we know what the file is about.

    Best regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • I replied in more detail on the Dorico forum but in brief, it's certainly advisable to also use (cheap crossgrade if necessary) the Synchonized versions of the muted brass. Then there is an easy fix of creating a new mute instrument for your trombone player in Dorico setup and simply switch to it when required as the articulations are the same as far as I can see and so no additional mute-specific articulations are required at all in the relevant Expression Maps.

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