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  • [SOLVED] Latest Vienna Synchron Player and Studio 5.2 dont show VST3 version of player

    I use Windows 10 pro.(i say if thing is different in mac side)
    Latest Vienna Synchron Player and Studio 5.2 (also latest version) dont show VST3 version of player. player file indeed found folder what i expected. surround versions show. becouse of i cannot use this new articulation switch thing what i really like idea level. support sayed use vst3 version then it shows but studio one dont show it only vst2 version and surround version show vst2 and vst3 from. reset plugin list even and no luck. Any ideas from end users or someone else.

  • I found even synchron pianos dont show vst3 version. and somehow demo projects play parts what i have of these libraries.

  • i uninstalled and installed player again pianos player start work. but not another. i get now reboot and look things change.

  • Goed somehow list what is hidden in Studio One now when select it showed plugins list started show.