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  • Are the samples of the SE the same as in the "full" Package?

    Hi everyone,

    Are the samples of the SE1+ solo strings the same as in the "full" Solo Strings I Package?


    Special Edition 1: Solo Violin - legato F# to G
    Solo Strings I: Solo Violin - legato F# to G

     => are the same samples?

    (yes I know there are less articulations in the SE. I'm just talking about those in the SE1+)

  • Hi Fastel, 

    Yes, those are the same samples. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Now that I purchased the Solo Strings I and after thinking I am stupid for 2 days I found out that the Violin patches differ from the others. I was heading for detache notes without vibrato and after looking into the manual this patch appears - but just in the Violin. Thought that the Instrument Patches are congruent.