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  • Steinberg is dropping eLicenser in future

    Steinberg announced on Twitter yesterday the end of their eLicenser scheme of copy protection. 

    "But now the time has come to put our approach to license management at the center of our attention. We have decided to adopt a new license management technology that everyone will benefit from to prepare for coming requirements.  ... At this point in time, all we can tell you is that everyone at Steinberg is strongly committed to providing you as soon as possible with a solution that offers more flexibility, more reliability and, of course, a seamless migration. "

    What does that mean for me and my VILibraries in future? Adding to my thoughts the recent multi-day outage of the eLicensing server, it makes me worry a little bit.

    Rumours are on the net, that Steinberg is switching to a subscription model. Do we have to expect the same here? 

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  • From ELicenser To ILok/302591

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