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  • Sorabji just keeps going - another big orchestral mockup

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    Hi folks, some people may be interested in my ongoing project to complete a virtual performance of Sorabji's gargantuan "Jami" symphony. I have completed a new performance of the 2nd movement which I subtitle "Baroque Scherzo Fantatsique" - it comes in at 23:30 and is full of amazing invention.

    As ever it is made only with Sibelius and the Vienna Symphonic Cube utilising the VE and MIR pro.

    I can now start the final 4th movement which I hope to finish by the end of the year. The 1st three completed movements run for 4 hrs 2 minutes and I'm expecting the final movement to be around 45 minutes.

    All the performances can be found on my youtube channel.

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