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  • [SOLVED] Logic getting significantly slower with each instance of SY player


    this week, all of a sudden, Logic had become annoyingly slow when saving and some other tasks. Tried all sort of things, things went wrong and I ended up doing a clean install of my Mac Pro (bucket edition), now with Big Sur.

    Now I noticed that with each instance of the SY player (and not with VI), the saving time of the Logic project gets increased with almost a second. This is not very convenient when doing orchestral stuff I must say haha. I guess memory is not the issue (64GB), and all of my SY libraries are on a Samsung T5 SSD but does this even matter when saving the project file?

    What can I do?



  • I found the problem:
    I made this combined preset of the synchronized dimension strings, where I put all three libraries in one patch (per instrument group), so I could easily switch between ordinario, muted and tasto. I figured that since all slots were deactivated this wouldn't be much of a footprint. But is was.
    So now I have split it all up into separate instruments and it works like a charm, especially my lite version where I omitted the open strings and sul G etc.
    I tested it with a 60 track project (big orchestra, all divisi) and this works fine :)