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  • What do I lack?, or the confusing world of VSL libraries

    I have a lot of VSL products, and I like them very much and use them a lot.

    One recurring problem I have, though, is understanding what I will get in addition to what I have by purchasing another product.

    For example, I have Synchron Strings Pro (standard). I also have Synchronized SE 1-7 along with the Plus versions, VI SE 1-7 along with the Plus versions, VI Dimension Strings I-III, MI Solo Strings I, VI Chamber Strings I, and VI Orchestral Strings I and II.

    So, is there a good reason to buy Sycnron Strings I? I prefer the Synchron Player, but I can't justify spending €195 to play the same samples in a preferred player. But maybe it's not the same samples...

    Yes, the included samples are listed on the web site with the library write-up, but clicking back and forth between these is really tedious and time consuming.

    Is there a resource that comprehensively compares what you get with each library, including overlaps? That would be extremely useful for me and probably for a lot of other people.


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    There is a link on the content tab that will open a popup with a comparison table, or simply check the comparison table in the manual.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply. I had overlooked the comparison table.