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  • Best practice to prepare MIR Mix for another Engineer

    Hi guys, 

    i am currently in the finals of programming a score for a pop song, which is sent over to another engineer for mixing, who doesnt have MIR and most certainly dont want to bother with it. MIR became an integral part of the sound the producer team wants, so im currently figuring a way out to best prepare the score tracks for mixing (stereo)

    How do you prepare a MIR mix for another engineer? What is the best practice to split Reverb and the dry instrument (aka Spot and Room mics)?






  • Option 1: Tell your engineer that there are fully functional demo versions of MIR Pro and all Venues for 30 days, and send your settings. ;-)

    Option 2: Export your tracks twice - one time with the button "Dry Solo" activated in MIR Pro's Output panel, and the second time with "Wet Solo". Make sure that your engineer understands what belongs where and how these tracks are supposed to work together.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    thanks for your fast response and thanks for your help, top notch service ;)

    If i am running it in Vienna Ensemble Pro, i could just use the send function of mir pro and it should work, right? I could route it that way and get a batch export with Nuendo.

    Also, amazing job you did with the Synchron Stage MirX! Incredible stuff. Hope MIR 3D will come soon. :)

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    Hey, thanks for the friendly words! Always highly appreciated. 🍸 We work on MIR 3D, but I can't say yet when we will be ready to roll.

    I wasn't aware of the fact that you're hosting MIR Pro in VE Pro, sorry. In that case you can indeed make great use of the separate routing options for the wet signal component. Just make sure that everything _really_ ends up where it's supposed to do; your mixing engineer has no way to know if s/he's actually hearing what you meant to send to the studio (... mixing other people's music is my main profession, so I know what I'm talking about 😄 ...).

    Oh, BTW: Talking about VSL support - please keep in mind that this forum is monitored frequently by VSL staff, but it's _not_ the official support channel. If you're in a hurry and/or need help with a specific problem please make sure to write to first and foremost.

    All the best,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library