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  • Track delay and Synchron Strings


    I experience a lot of interest in the questions around sample delay in the context with a DAW and explicit in the discussion about using expression maps = one instrument pr. track or the other which uses several tracks, holding one articulation for one instrument. The argumentation for the latter is that the delay of the sample is different for a long sample than for a short sample and therefor it's necessary to split instruments between several tracks because you can ONLY set the track delay (surprise) pr. track.

    I have many - all I think - VSL string libraries and I really like the Synchron Strings / Synchron Strings Pro combo. So I decided to try to find the delay in Synchron Strings for longs and shorts, and found to my own surprise that in my system there are around 30ms delay from the midi event is send to VEPro and the audio "hits" Cubase. And what was surprising was, that it was the SAME delay, regardless which sample I chose. And it's in a play back situation with delay compensation ON of course.

    Can anyone confirm that this is the case: that the sample delay is the same regardless articulation?

    If this is the case, there are no reason to use separate tracks if the reason is to be able to handle the sample delay. Use one track, articulation maps and set the track delay to -30, and all samples from Synchron Strings will play spot on.