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  • Installing with the delivered hard drive

    Forgive this noob post but I'm having trouble getting VSL installed. I normally use the BBC Symphony and run it off their bespoke drive. I assumed this would work similarly so I purchased the Bluthner 1895 full library, a key and the synchron hard drive. The download manager asks me where on my computer I want to install. I don't (or what was the purpose of buying this lovely little brick?). When I select the synchron hard drive as the destination it says it is not writable. I'm obviously missing something obvious, obviously but I can't find the answer in the manual. Thank you very much, Z

  • If I understand correctly, the drive they offer is a USB drive that contains the installation files only; it is not suitable for streaming and therefore you must install the samples on your fastest computer drive. It really needs to be on SSD or M.2.

    The Blüthner is really worth having though, it's beautiful.