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  • Tone low(er) brass

    This is something I noticed while playing a bit with the Tenor and Bass Trombone from the VI Libraries (full).

    When I play legato or staccato with the Tenor Trombone or Triple horn, the difference in played tones is pretty big and therefore clearly audible. The 'normal' sound for me is good, but half of the time it sounds as if most of the lower frequencies are gone, leaving me with a much thinner sound. I suppose this has to do with RR notes, but it makes the instruments difficult to use, especially in solo lines. The different samples are easily triggered simply by leaving a rest between two notes, then you will probably hear it as well.

    Same for the Bass trombone, but mostly then with staccato: from Low C (below the staff) and down is okay, but going up half of the time adds a razor-like sound to the staccato, especially at higher velocities and clearly audible in repeated tones.

    Is there an option to tackle this, or do I just have to 'live with it'? Any help welcome!

  • Hi EmBee1972, 

    Do you want to send us an example that shows what's going on? You can send a short sequencer project and an mp3 to, this way we're on the same page. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL