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  • Understanding VE PRO 7 THREADS per Instance Settings

    Thanks in Advance, i am trying to better understand the Setting to my Advantage.
    I read the Manual too but a little Confused. I am on an i9 10900k, 10 Cores and
    20 Logical Processors/Threads, if that is correct. Originally i had it Set Up at 10 Threads
    per Instance, running 2 Instances only but nothing left for Cubase, i am using Cubase
    on the same Machine. I am confused between Threads and Cores, my VE PRO shows
    20 Threads which means it shows the Logical Processor and not the Physical Cores.
    I do not have any performance Problems yet but i need to open some Threads for Cubase.

    What would be the best Standard Setting for 2 Instances and Cubase on this Machine?

    On my slave Machine i am on i7 5820k which is 6 Cores and 12 Logical Processors,
    in there i run only 1 Instance of VE PRO 7 and i have it set at 12 Threads which is ok
    because there is nothing else running on that PC and its amazing.


  • Hi!

    Sounds fine to me. 10 Threads per instance with 2 instances should work just fine. If you run heavy post-processing plugins in your DAW you might want to liwer it to 8-9 threads per instance.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks Ben!