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  • Anyone here has used the Vienna Symphonic Library VSTs?

    i need to begin inclusive of strings and that they appear to be pretty (and not too crazy exepnsive simplest the strings), everybody right here has enjoy using those vst's? i see they require a few hardware to characteristic (i am assuming just like pt ilok).


    if those do not work, are there any professional orchestra/string vsts obtainable that run natively on linux?[url=][color=#333333]appvalley[/color][/url] [url=][color=#333333]tutuapp[/color][/url] [url=][color=#333333]tweakbox[/color][/url]

  • Hey,

    I don't know if I got your problem right. You're using a Linux PC (presumably some distro with low latency kernel, like Ubuntu Studio?) & want to use vst intruments (strings) in your DAW (Ardour/LMMS?).

    The problem I ran into, was that the elicener software you need to authentificate the the plugins could only be installed via wine. The software could be installed, but the USB dongle won't be recognized in linux or wine enviroment. I found no way to fix this. So I'm afraid you have to have a look around for vsts which don't need any hardware dongle. Software based authentification should work, but you might test is with a demo version first or contact the support. I decided to switch to Windows although I don't like it. But it's relativly cheap & I COULD use the plugins I want. E.g. the Vienna Libraries are amazing! DSK music has some free strings but I haven't tested them yet. If you need the strings only as backing for your main instrument you might just get a (used) keyboard with some nice string patches on it.


  • Thx for sharing man ;) !