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  • Steinway Lite or the old Bösendorfer?


    With Synchronized SE Vol. 1 come two pianos: the old Bösendorfer Imperial, and the new Steinway Lite. Which one to use? The newest and better one, you will say.

    But is it necessary – and the best option, when all you need is a piano blended with the other instruments of the orchestra? Not one playing a solo part, like in a concerto or in Scriabin's Prométhée. Just some underlining here and there, like in Schostakovitch's Fifth Symphony.

    In this case, would the older piano be a better option, being more subdued, easier to place on the back, and lighter on resources?


  • Half an answer I give to myself: the old Bösendorfer works extremely well in the mix. It cuts in, sounds massive, and does its work.