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  • Adding new instrument in Sibelius and VE causes problems

    In a project I'm working on, which had no issues, I have added two Horns, and now playback doesn't work properly.  The Horns are playing on the Trumpet channels in VE, nothing is happening on the Horn channels, and the two trumpets are playing on one channel. In the Sibelius mixer the Horns weren't allotted Horn sounds but Trumpet sounds, so I set all the channels in the mixer to auto, and eventually the Horns were allotted Horn sounds, yet on playback, they are still playing on the Trumpet channels in VE, with of course Trumpet sounds. Why is it so temperamental when adding extra instruments? What can I do to change it?


  • Hello Phil!

    It can have different reasons why instruments are playing on the wrong channel. Please check the Troubleshooting section of our "VSL and Sibelius" tutorial.

    If you can't find a solution there, please send a mail with a reference to your post and the following screenshots to
    - Sibelius "Add or Remove Instruments" menu
    - Sibelius mixer
    - Sibelius Playback Devices menu
    - Sibelius Manual Sound Sets page of all loaded devices
    - Vienna Ensemble showing one of the instruments that doesn't change articulations correctly

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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