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  • My article about reverbs (includes Vienna Suite)

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    Hello VSL Community,

    I wrote a blog post about reverbs and I wanted to share it with you. 😊

    Francesco Pirrone - Types of Reverb

    I am aware that many of you either use MIR or the BBO/Synchron series nowadays, which is great, yet I love the good old Vienna Suite, not just the Converb, I use the whole bundle a lot for non-orchestral productions too.

    Also I remember that when I first came across people using two reverbs I was confused as to how to set them up......I was like: "do I have to mix with one reverb and then bounce everything and add the algo at the mastering stage? Or do I put it on the stereo out directly? Or just set another send? How? Why?......"

    I came up with my own solution in the long run and overall I use the second reverb sparingly, but I would love to hear what you do especially when adding reverb to wet samples or mixes that were done in MIR.

    All the best