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  • Syncron Brass bundle as in VI

    Dear VSL

    are we ever going to actually have Synchron Brass bundle in the future as in VI or are we stuck with Synchonized Dimension Brass only ?  since there are many Instruments not represented in Dim Brass? 

    its kind of frustrating  to not be able to fully move to SyncPlayer system setup, bcs still depend on many VI Instruments , while Synchron Player system setup is more effective than VIPro

    not to mention also in Sync-ized Woodwinds, when I can only access oboe d'amore from epic Orchestra with all its limitation

    Please take this to consideration,VSL Team.

    Other things to mention: is it possible to remove the SYNCHRON COLLECTION and SYNCHRON-IZED folder and make it to one united folder, to save mouse-clicks as in VIPro? I can understand in terms of BigBang collection

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

  • Hi,

    There will be more Synchron libraries coming of course, but we can't tell you what and when at the moment. As always we do not talk about future products.
    In your case, if you like to stay in the Synchron Player and want access to all the different brass instruments from the VI series I highly suggest to take a look at the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions. These have less articulations, but will come with the same Synchron Player workflow.

    Regarding the preset folder structure: There is a search text-box on the top-right. If you look for an instrument simply click on it and start typing.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist