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  • help with Jay Bacal tutorial

    I just discovered the amazing tutorials from Jay Bacal.  I am looking at some of his Rite of Spring MIDI tracks in FL Studio and I noticed some really low pitches before instruments play.  They look like keyswitching notes, but there are several of them where I may have expected just one.


    Can someone help me understand what these low pitches are?

  • I'm not familiar with the tutorial in question, but I'm almost positive those pitches are triggering multiple keyswitches in order to select an articulation.  Both VIPro and Synchron Player use different "layers" of keyswitches (VI uses an X-Y grid system, while Synchron Player uses a nested folder system).

    What I mean layers is that a certain set of notes (let's say C1-C2) will select something like "Short", "Long", "Legato", "Repetition", etc. which will correspond with a row or folder, and then perhaps something like C0-C1 will select the exact articulation within the "row" or "folder" selected by the previous keyswitch.  In any case, both are required to be triggered for the right articulation to be selected.

    I hope that helps and isn't too obtuse...

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