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  • Kontakt libraries in slave PC

    Hey everyone,

    This year I'm thinking to get the necessary parts so I can build my slave but there's a thought that I couldn't really find any answer to it.

    I am currently using Logic Pro and VEP7 to host Kontakt instruments from it on the same Mac but I want to make a switch by putting all of the instruments into the slave's internal SSD.

    Does that mean that I have to purchase a brand new Kontakt just for PC? What about current libraries that are on my external SSD - do I need to redownload all of the libraries from the PC or could I just simply drag my libraries from external SSD to slave's SSD with their .nkis and PC will read those files with no problems?

    Any help regarding this is much appreciated!

  • No, your license for Kontakt is good for both, no additional purchase needed to put it on a windows box.
    I'm reasonably certain .nki etc is not changed by the fact of an OS. What you don't want is mac installers on a windows system or vice versa.

  • Thanks for your answer, really appreciate it!