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  • Waves AU plugins load blank

    All Waves Audio Unit plugins are now loading empty in VEPro 7. No graphic interface at all, just pure black. Waves VST's load properly, however.
    No issues with any other plugins - it's only Waves Audio Unit.
    I've seen a previous thread here regarding this topic but never did see it resolved.
    I realize it's a workaround to simply load a VST instead of AU, but I have to change all my templates, which is turning into a big job.
    Anybody been able to fix this?


    Mojave 10.14
    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.0.1056
    Waves plugins V12

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    Can you try if disabling "fast plugin GUI switching" solves the issue?

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Fast plugin GUI switching was already disabled, so no luck there.

  • Need more info about your hardware... Old Waves v8 and newer had similar problem with old video cards... but v7 worked ok.

  • I have an iMac (late 2013 so that's getting pretty old),
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1 GB
    3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

  • Hi 

    Having similar issue, I think it's to do with the GPU Metal compatibility. Although my Mac Mini states it is Metal supported so very strange.

    Oddly the waves VST version do not show up so no work around.


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    @gt123 said:

    it's only Waves Audio Unit.

    I would try its VST version. : )

    It may or not be Metal, I've seen AU be flakey before that existed, where the VST version displayed perfectly. Not many, and btw these were NI FX (of not terribly recent vintage).

  • Hi,

    Not wanting to hijack the thread but is there a reason why VEP 6 does not show up a load of VST versions of Plug-ins? Specifically Waves and some soft synths like Sylenth1. If the AU blank GUI is down to my GPU not being metal compatible then I'll use what's available.

    Anyway's if someone could chime in regarding the VST vs AU available plugs in VEP 6, that would be useful to know.



  • Well I'm no expert, Mac, but Waves doesn't seem to like VEP; I have to use VST Wrapper Builder to be able to see their plugins in VEP:

    Also VEP still doesn't support VST3.