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  • Dorico and Symphonic Riot

    I would like to draw attention to the really excellent Expression Maps that the company Symphonic Riot has made for VSL and Dorico. Has anybody else tried them out?



  • I was also thinking that if someone has used them , maybe can make some comments about it. It seems very good ! Some examples would be great !

  • Hello,

    You can find a quite long discussion with examples at the Dorico forum:



  • Hi Gil, Thank you for your link; I have also looked and followed the discussion on Dorico Forum. I want to see more examples done by users ! It was definitely an immense effort to realize this kind of Emap and deserves more examples ! Thanks for your reply Bogdan

  • I'm just starting to dive into Articulate. Kai, the principal, is a VERY talented, good guy, and he has created an amazing tool for the supported VI instruments.

    I suggest that anyone interested download the Articulate Manual and read it. You begin to understand the effort and careful thought that went into this. It must have been a massive amount of work. Then download and read the manual for Cubase, Logic or Dorico, depending on which you use. Read those. Then get the demo to be sure it's what you expect. 

    To me it makes sense to take effort from making my own less-functional presets that require continuous improvement and tinkering, never finished, not fully as functional as I would like, and devote that time to learning a comprehensive and functional product like Articulate. It has an initial learning curve, and that's where I am right now. What's more, I use both Cubase and Dorico.

    Once sufficiently grounded in Articulate, I expect I will be able to devote more time to writing music and less to developing the perfect "system."

    I'll try to remember to give feedback after I've progressed some more.

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