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  • How to open a VIframe files


    Could anyone explain how to open the VIframe file included with some of the tutorials?

    Can't seem to get either VEP7 or VIP to see the file..


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    Hi mikeyggg,

    Here is an explanation, we have renamed the file extensions.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • You open it same as a .vep. Vienna Instruments Pro is not going to see any such thing, the frames (once upon a time, what is now Server Project/.vesp was known as a Metaframe and Project/.vep was VI Frame) are strictly from VE Pro file type.

    Until you open an instance (such as an initial blank instance) VE Pro is not going to see a .vep aka .viframe, it will only deal in Server Proj/aka Metaframe. Once instantiated, 'open project' will open those vi frames.