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  • In what order to close VE on 64bits logic9 ?.



    I'm using VE2 on 64bits logic9.

    Whenever closing the logic session, VE still remains in docks.

    Before closing logic session, if I try to close the VE service, it warns that it could cause host program to shut down.

    (Can I ignore it?)

    So If I close logic session first, It's stuck so I have to force to quit.

    Wouldn't it better to be removed itself when I close logic?

    I have one more program, 32bits cunnel something, which connects to VE2. I have to close it manually like VE2. It's hassle.

    Isnt' there anyway to close eventhing at once perfectly?




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    Welcome alexsunny,

    Vienna Ensemble (non-Pro) is already available with version 6.5 right here. Make sure to have it installed.

    When you are closing down your connected sequencer, you can safely shut down the Vienna Ensemble Service as well (all plug-ins will be removed).

    Not sure what "32bits cunnel something" means, can you explain?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL