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  • Velocity XF Synchron Series - Legato and Staccato Patches


    in the synchronized versions of the "old" Vienna", there are some "all Velocity XF"-patches but not for the Woodwinds.

    I would love to control all legato and sustain patches via CC11 but - as a general preset - all staccato patches shall respond to the actual played velocity on the keyboard. Is there a better way as to turn the XF trigger on and off via a CC-command?


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    @hmt said:

    Is there a better way as to turn the XF trigger on and off via a CC-command?


    According to the Control Tab in the Synchron Player the default CC for turning on/off Velocity X-Fade is CC28.

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  • In Synchron, select the performing dimension (the right-most slot -- the one with the patch loaded), then Edit Tab > Velocity Crossfade. "Global" means it will follow whatever the Perform setting has for crossfading. "On" will force cross-fading no matter what Perform has, and "Off" will disable cross-fading for that slot and that slot only, no matter the Perform setting. 

    This same setting can be found in the Vienna Instruments. In Advanced View, select the cell slot,  then Edit Tab > Velocity XF (found above the envelope sliders). The same three options are presented.