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  • Trio for flute, viola and cello (slightly revised version)

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    Hi friends in music,

    Here is the first part of my trio again is a small revision. The title may sound a bit mysterious, but it really says what this little movement is all about.

    More explanation on SoundCloud.

    6 Tones of Blue


  • That's a fascinating sound and harmony.  The variation and contrasts between the instruments is equally interesting and given how few compositions there are written in whole tone scale it seems like this could definitely be of interest to trios looking for something different.  

  • It occurred to me that I have been doing something similar with the 8-tone scale. It is a source of ideas in itself, like this scale, and makes one think of how the accepted harmonic procedures today - which often seem to be either 12 tone scale or purely atonal  - are not the only options! 

  • Hi Jos

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting and well done piece!



  • Thanks Steve. The rest is still to come, this was the first part of the trio.


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