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  • Third Party AU FX Plug-ins not displaying properly in VEPro7

    Just updated by rig to a new IMac I9 20,1, 64gb RAM, 10.15.7

    I am currently using VePro 7.0.1056 and have installed Waves v. 12, NI Komplete 13, Izotope, Altiverb, and Melodyne FX plug-ins.  I am having issues with Waves, Apple, and Native Instrument AU FX plug-ins displaying correctly in VEPro 7.

    Waves v12 - Q1 - AU

    NI Komplete 13 - Choral - AU

    The VST versions of the Waves and NI plug-ins display correctly.  Izotope's Neutron 3 Elements AU plug-in crashes VEPro7 every time upon insertion. Please advise or link to thread that has a solution to these issues.

    FYI, the Fast GUI Plug-in Switching option has always been unchecked.