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    Probably not going to get much response as most of us turn ASIO GUARD off for VE PRO.  Every once in a while I turn it on to see how much better the slave machines perform under CPU loads.  The problem besides the changing track 2-4 second pause is that my exports take like 2-5 minutes to begin the process and 2-5 minutes to end the process.  I would love to have the option to use ASIO GUARD with Cubase but this will have to be fixed on Vienna's side to get this working better.  Steinberg has already looked into this multiple times for me.

    Any chance the developers can look into this issue?

  • Hi Paul,


    Any chance the developers can comment on this issue?

  • Hi,

    As mentioned in the manual and a few posts here in the forum, VEP is not compatible with ASIO Guard. You can still use ASIO guard with the other plugins if you disable it only for all VEP plugins in the Cubase' plugin manager.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist