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  • VE PRO 7 and a lot of Problems

    I have VE PRO 7 for a while but never used it. Tried last 2 days but there is no 

    way it will find all of my Plugins, especially the VST 3 i think and also Play

    Is this a known problem or what am i doing wrong?

    Yes i searched the Forums and tried almost all of the suggestions.



  • I figured it out, basically you are forced to abandon VST 3 in your DAW

    which will create a LOT of problems down the road. Yes, you can install

    both, the VST 3 and VST 2.4 version of plugins but a lot of them will force

    uninstall the VST 3 if you install 2.4 and a lot of them will be blacklisted

    in Cubase...if you use some 2.4 in Cubase now and later on decide to

    abandon VE PRO and reinstall VST 3 none of those sessions will work.

    Anyone any solution to this or just fully abandon using FX in VE PRO?

  • Hi, 

    No VST3 support in VE Pro still, unfortunately. 

    Sorry to have no better news. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @BasariStudios said:

    I figured it out, basically you are forced to abandon VST 3 in your DAW

    Basically, no. Use of other things VST3 'in your DAW' has no necessary relation to use of VE Pro. I use VE Pro as VST 3 for definite reasons. In the past there have been idiocyncratic issues with behaviors from say "Master EQ" from the original Vienna Suite [or some other product/other vendor etc] in Cubase.specific.version which were fixed later and suchlike.

     "[...] none of those sessions will work." Why would they? VST2 is supposed to magically be VST3? Take a breath.

  • Thanks Paul and Civilization, understood and figured it all out now, works like a Charm!!!

  • How did you 'figure it all out'? I can't see any of my VST3 plugins in standalone VE Pro 7 - is this still expected?

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    Hi andysmi, 

    Yes, that's still the status quo (hasn't changed in the last 5 days): No VST3 plug-in support in VE Pro 7. 

    Sorry 😔


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL