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  • [SOLVED] Bass Trombone range to narrow?


    Using Synchronized Dimension Brass I, I was expecting that the Bass Trombone range would go up to a notated F5 (sounding Eb5), but the range stops at D5 (sounding C5).

    Can it be altered somehov?

    I just a half step more! ;-)

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    Hi Stig,

    You can extend the range of instrument inside the Synchron player, by clicking od the arrow near the keyboard picture <-> (the arrow is located on the right), After clicking this button, new 2 blue arrows will appear, and by dragging them you can extend the range.

    Here is the link to manual with pictures 😊

    GUI Overview | VSL - Software Manuals

  • Thanks a lot!

    I new there had to a way.