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  • FX PRESETS for Dimension Strings 1

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been customizing the SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings 1 presets all weekend so that dynamic layers of short articulations, are controlled by velocity, and long articulations by modulation (CC1) - like Synchron Strings XF sus presets. It was quite a time-consuming process. I had to manually change the settings for every player and articulation of violins 1 and then clone the preset to other instruments, so I decided to share it here, to save your time. 😊

    I also included tweaked Expression maps so that they work with CC1 while CC2 switches the folders.

    As a bonus, I included FX noises preset (finger noises and ambient noises), which are not included in default presets (they are hidden in the patch tab). 


  • Hello,

    thank you very Much!!!


  • Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Glad to help. :)