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  • [SOLVED] Is folder track-stack nesting possible in LPX 10.5 or above?

    I'm building a complex 768 channel template in LPX 10.4.8 for VEPro7 (AU2 and AU3 mixture) and would love to know if folder track-stack nesting (i.e. folder within folder) is possible in LPX 10.5 or above. If so I'd structure my LPX template in a very different way.

    I can't upgrade to Logic Pro X 10.5 or above until I do my planned macOS clean upgrade to Catalina, which won't happen for a fair while yet (it will involve expensive new external TB3 drives).

    Anyone know?

  • Having trawled all through Apple's official release notes for Logic Pro 10.5 to 10.6.1, I've concluded that folder track-stack nesting is still not possible, alas.