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  • Synchron Woodwinds Pro?

    I’m hoping to see a completely new Synchron Woodwinds Pro library to go with Synchron Strings Pro and Synchron Percussion complete with:

    1. Mic positions - Decca Tree (mono center and stereo L/R), Close and Mid (spot), SRND normal and SRND 3D (although I’m not sure that much width and depth is necessary for woodwinds, I’d still like to have a recorded signal to send to those busses, instead of using a reverb for this).

    2. Articulations - Everything the original VI Pro Winds had and more. New sample set?

    3. All woodwinds included- Woodwinds I, Woodwinds II and Special Winds as one package, or perhaps Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets and Bassoons sold as separate libraries, or I suppose like Synchron Percussion, a I and II library  

    VSL’s Woodwinds are the best, have always been the best and probably won’t ever be topped, IMO. I never bother using anything else. But I’d like to see the “Synchron Pro” treatment given to the winds. A winds library that will last a decade.

    Am I the only one who feels this is needed (many of my clients want this)? Anyone have additional thoughts on the future of VSL winds?

    Steve Steele
    The Modular Template for Digital Performer and Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Regards, Steve Steele
  • +1

  • I guess that Synchron Brass will come first. 

  • I would love to see Synchron Brass, Synchron Woodwinds, Synchron Sordino Strings, etc.  If they can match the quality of Synchron Strings Pro (esp. the agile legatos with the woodwinds and the mic positions with the brass), they will have released definitive next-gen (surround-ready) workhorse libraries that combine the best aspects of dry and ambient.  What's more, dry (VI or other vendors) can be layered in quite well with MirX Synchron (coming reasonably soon IIRC) or MirPro Synchron. 

    I'm all for it!