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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro / VST client Plugin / Linux build?


    Now that the VST sdk is also availible for linux: it would be great to see a Linux version/build of the Vienna Ensemble Pro VST client Plugin becoming availible fot Linux (at least a a beta version of it as a start)!

    That would allow us to connect the linux world to the windows/mac one by having access to Windows/Mac VSTs from a Linux DAO or VSThost.

    Is that already on the roadmap? If not yet, could that be added (should not be a huge task to attempt to make a linux build now that the VST SDK is now supporting it, right?

    Would love to hear a positive answer or some positive feedback!

    Many thanks,


  • Hi, 

    Our copy protection system, eLicenser, does not work on Linux. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • In Linux the beat distro ive seen is AVLinux, UbuntuStudio last time i checked was Not as good, KXStudio was very good but Now its Not a distro, just a repository... Audiacity, Harrison MixBus, etc.... Comes with Xfce desktop,personally i like Kubuntu 20.10, with small tweaks looks like Windows8.1. RME hdsp9632 has very good ALSA support. jacks, etc... FreeBSD is catching up with transalted AVLinux KX repositories. The Freedom road is hard.