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  • Channel Strip Saves in Logic 10.6.1 with VEP

    For years I've worked with Logic and VEP templates. I've never used Channel Strip Settings as a save strategy. So this is an elementary question:

    Can a Channel Strip Setting .cst file save instructions for loading the channels in a VEP instance with their samples? I'm observing that it loads the fx, the instrument (VEP) and other channel strip attributes for Logic. But in VEP, Logic only creates a correctly named but otherwise empty instance. 

    If the correct instance is pre-loaded in VEP, the .cst finds it and connects. No problem. But can a .cst launch and load a VEP instance with its channels and samples all by itself?

  • yes it works.  did you make sure to disable decoupled mode?

  • Thanks yet again. I thought I'd decoupled it, but your response prompted me to double-check. I get a full sample load now. 

    Another question: I save a channel strip that's named "Flute" in the track header. But I save the channel strip .cst as "01 FL 12.78" for organizational purposes. If I load that .cst in a new song, the track header says "01 FL 12.78." I'd like it to read "Flute," just as I saved it. Any setting to make this happen? Or will it always default to the channel strip file's name?

    Edit: I cross-posted at LPH, and there the moderator replied, "I believe that for both CSS and patches, what you name them is what populates the track header when you load them. No setting that I'm aware of to change that behavior."

  • Near as I can tell the tracker header name is not stored in the cst file, it might be stored in patch files inside the plist there is a channel name parameter...but when you load patches...from what I can see...the tracker header is not changed in any case, same for CST