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  • Puzzled by Normalize Powerpan in Vienna Instruments

    The Vienna Instruments (VI) Manual offers this explanation of what Normalize PowerPan (NP) does:

    Scales powerpan settings for entire matrix. Resulting powerpan settings will be

    The first sentence implies that you only need to click the NP button once for a VI instance.  Is that true?  So you don't need to click it for each instrument?

    The second sentence leaves me puzzled.  Spread where?  What's spread?

    And what does scaling PowerPan actually mean?  What does it do?  Is its function visible somewhere?

    I'm using Ensemble Pro 7 and Instruments Pro 2.

    Thanks for shedding light on this....

  • Hi John in CC, 

    You are correct, this could have been explained in a better way. 

    So this VI Pro feature normalizes the power-panorama you find in the SLOT settings (I have attached a screenshot). It is more of an internal tool that was very helpful when we built the bigger chord matrices. 

    "Normalizing" means, in this case, that all powerpan settings will be adjusted (scaled) according to the widest panorama. If one slot already has the maximum panorama, no settings will be adjusted. 

    Hope that helps. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul.  The screenshot helps enormously.