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  • Logic, VEP and Track Stacks.

    Hi all

    My setup is pretty simple. Im creating multiple Kontakt multis in VEP, bringing them into Logic via a VEP multi instance, setting up the corresponding instruments via midi and outputs and saving the result as a track stack. In order to save RAM my VEP template is saved with all samples in each kontakt instance "purged", which is great as I will only end up loading the samples from each individual multi as required.

    So here's the problem, if I attempt to connect via a saved Track Stack Logic sends a load all message to VEP. If I simply load an instance of VEP and connect without track stack all is normal and no samples are3 loaded until I hit a key. I appreciate this is really a Logic issue, b ut Ive noticed that Track Stacks also screw up the automation pathways from VEP into Logic. Annoying as track stacks are fundamentally useful.

    Has anyone found a way to allow TS to behave more transparent with VEP? Or am I attempting to use it in a way for which it was not designed?





  • I have ther same question!!!! Please somone can bring his/her experience and give us some help? Much appreciated.