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  • Issues with Sibelius channels and Vienna SE Strings

    I'm trying, so far in vain, to find information on how to solve a glitch in my Sibelius channel linking between Manual Sound Sets, A new Vienna Instance, and the Sibelius Mixer/Channel assignments. 

    For example, I load a manual sound set from 1-16, with corresponding Vienna channels in a new Instance 1-16 and then a score in Vienna House Style with 16 staffs, each a different instrument, with instruments also corresponding to the patch etc. 

    1-12 are perfectly aligned. If I click inside the staff, I get the sound of the corresponding instrument. Staffs 1-12 all correspond and work normally. This would imply my set up is generally correct and working. 

    13-16 simply don't work, although I can find no difference in my map, between 12 and 13-16. I simply "kept going" but 13, 14, 15, get no midi input, and no channel alignment. 

    So Click in Staff 12 and I get my xylophone, working normally. 

    Click in Staff 13, which is supposed to be violin ensemble and I get nothing. And no green midi pulse light in 13-16 either. 

    Then, for example, if I select the Violin Ensemble to 12 (which is my Xylophone channel) weirdly, I start to hear Violin on Channel 13. None of this makes any sense and I've spent hours trying to figure out where the confusion is originating. 

    I've decided I think it has something to do with the Click track, always at the end of the Sibelius mixer, which seems to make a slave track of channels beside it. So if I click on the Violin Ensemble, track 13, it's pulling the Click track up and down as well. I've never been able to figure out why this occurs? 

    The sibelius mixer, with its channels (auto/or Vienna Ensemble) is the most clunky interface to deal with Vienna. 

    I'm tired of all the glitches. I've worked with this software for years and it's never exactly straightforward, and when you are trying to score for a large orchestra, you end up spending hours dealing with staffs not playing the correct instrument sound from the manual sound set. 

    Moreover, who can fix this problem for me?  Video tutorials between Sibelius and Vienna, are all from 2014 and earlier and reference earlier versions of Sibelius. 

    Sibelius's customer support is shut down because of Covid and I can't locate a contact number for Vienna. 

    Much money was spent. I'd like answers. Please advise. 

  • Hello David Louis!

    Problems like yours can have different reasons. Trying to make channel settings in the Sibelius mixer and using the Sibelius click track are two possible reasons. One possible reason is in your thread title ("VE Strings"). I have seen in our records that you have registered some VI Special Edition libraries. For these libraries please use the sound set "VE Special Edition" (and not "VE Strings" which is for our more extensive String libraries).

    All possible reasons for your problem that come to my mind are listed in the Troubleshooting chapter of our "VSL and Sibelius" tutorial.

    If you can't find a solution there, please send the following screenshots to with a reference to your forum thread.

    - Sibelius "Add or Remove Instruments" menu

    - Sibelius mixer

    - Sibelius Playback Devices menu

    - Sibelius Manual Sound Sets page of all loaded devices

    - Vienna Ensemble showing one of the instruments that doesn't change articulations correctly

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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