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  • VEP 7 Slave Sample rate issue 48 better sound then 44.1?

    Hi everyone,

    I am really trying to unfold all kind of weird issues i come across while building and trying to use my new setup. I built a high end slave pc to host my VEP with lots of libraries (Mostly play (hollywood), also VSL). As lot of people i run into CPU spikes within logic. One thing that keeps me busy is the sample rate. The thing is: when i switch my project from 44.1 to 48khz, things sound way better, if someome removes a curtain from the speakers. Setting it to 48khz also does a big increase in CPU load AND can result in the sample rate error messages people talking about. Secondly this is keeping me busy:

    1. The difference between 44.1 and 48khz should be minimal, hardly heard by normal ears right?

    2. Secondly, EWQL Hollywood is recorded at 44.1 so an increase in quality should be impossible?

    Is there anything i did set wrong here? Does it has to do anything with clock settings or whatsoever? I cannot seem to check the VEP Server sample rate or bit rate can i?

    I am using Logic sync mode as internal, my RME BabyFace Pro FS as internal, my slave PC as slave (i guess). 

    Anyone has a bright idea on this one maybe? Thanks alot!

  • Hi MarkkraM, 

    Can you post a quick comparison between 44.1 and 48 kHz renderings?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi MarkkraM,

    While I can't say anything about your hardware specifically, it's a well-known fact that the anti-aliasing filter of the D/A converter is one of the most decisive factors for the quality of its sound reproduction. What you might experience is maybe just a more relaxed, "open" filter in 48 kHz, therefore.

    Have you tried any other D/A converters, just for comparison?

    What I can say for sure is that "errors" are quite unlikely in case of modern sample-cate conversions, especially when upsampling from 44.1 to 48 kHz.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library