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  • Synchron Player speed controller issue

    Hi all,


    I recently got my first Synchron library - the Synchronized Dimension Strings. I've been using the VI-Pro player for several years now, and I'm shocked at how certain simple patch settings are impossible to do with the Synchron Player. After spending several hours on this, I'm trying to figure out if I can make this work at all, so I would be glad if someone can point out what I am doing wrong.


    The problem I'm having is with the dimension controls. I'm trying to set up something very simple: a three-slot dimension with a speed controller. In VI-Pro, I would have added the slots and dragged the threshold values for the speed to my taste. This is, I believe, not possible with Synchron as I need to use a curve instead. However, I cannot get the values I need with the curve. Here's what I'm trying to set up:


    1. One slot for all articulations slower than 80 bpm for 16th notes.

    2. One slot for all articulations between 81 and 159 bpm for 16th notes.

    3. One slot for all articulations from 160 bpm onwards.


    First problem: when I set three slots, the player does not distribute the values evenly. The threshold values are 32 and 95 out of 127: a very large middle slot. What I'm trying to do is the opposite, however, I want the first slot to be much larger than others. Based on what I can measure, I need the threshold to be 66 and 83 (out of 100 - another complication is that the dimension controls go up to 100 in the control tab but up to 127 in the dimension view. I need to convert the numbers back and forth).


    I think I can go on and on about what I'm trying to do but before I get into more detail, why is this so complicated to do in Synchron? I could not get it to work in any curve setup, bipolar/unipolar, with any range values. Is this simply not possible to do in Synchron player? And in general, how can one set up the speed controller in a usable way? The only way I can imagine is to duplicate the slots to fit into the scale, which obviously would be a poor way to go for the resources (and even then, would require a lot of trial and error).


    Thanks in advance for all the replies!

  • I'm confused: are you trying to get the individual patches to switch using a Dim. Controller set to speed?  Speed can't be set to a specific BPM.  Speed is based on how fast you play the notes.

  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the reply. I wasn't trying to set it to a BPM; those were just examples I wrote because there is no way to measure "speed" in the Synchron Player interface. Ultimately, I'd like the first slot to be between 0-65, second to be 66-82, and third to be 83-100. This would have been very straightforward in the VI-Pro interface by just dragging the threshold values. I'm attaching a screenshot to make it a bit clearer.


  • Hi Oguz, 

    This is indeed a different approach, and it's on our list. 

    Currently, we cannot offer you a different solution for the Synchron Player, apart from switching manually whenever you see fit.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I see. Thanks for the reply Paul and looking forward to seeing something similar in Synchron player. Other than this I had a great experience with it so far!