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  • New user Question - Regarding Special Edition compare "normal" version

    Hi there, 

    how you all doing 

    Just a few  quick new user question, thanks for your time

    - I can't seem to find what is the different between special edition and like "normal" version 

    does the normal version have more round robin, more articulation ?

    - And the synchron versus non synchron 

    I'm going to get the MIR Pro with Synchron 

    and the new VI price seems to be lower than Synchron version , so if the sample itself are very similar 

    should I just go with VI ?

    and from my research on internet, the VI instrument pro offers more articulation and better control than Synchron player. ( not sure about that but that's what I saw from internet ) 

    was it true ? 

    Sorry about all this question but VSL are not cheap I simply wanna get to know more about it. cheers 

    I guess it'll be easier for me if they offer demo for Synchron and non synchron instrument - 

    not sure if they do that but it'll be great if they do. 

    Cheers .

    Thanks all 

  • Hi,

    > I can't seem to find what is the different between special edition and like "normal" version 
    The Special Editions are taken from the VI libraries with reduced repetition counts and velocity layers, for a resource friendly and affordable price.

    > And the synchron versus non synchron 
    The Synchron libraries were recorded with multiple mics in the Synchron Stage Vienna in place with the natural reverb of the stage.
    The VI series was recorded in the Silent Stage and is dry without noticable reverb.
    The SYNCHRON-ized libraries are re-edited instruments from the VI series, configured to blend with the Synchron libraries out of the box.

    >  VI instrument pro
    Vienna Instruments PRO is a sample player, an advanced version of the Vienna Instruments player. It adds many features to further tweak and optimize the sound of the VI instruments. It does not contain any libraries!
    It does not work with Synchron, SYNCHRON-ized, Big Bang Orchestra, Smart Series libraries. For these libraries we developed our new Synchron Player which includes most features of the Vienna Instruments Pro for free.

    If you start with virtual instruments / VSL I would suggest to go with the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions, which are currently in sale and also available as 30 days demos. And of course the free BBO is something you should get.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks for the reply Ben ! The special edition sounded pretty damn good for a light resource. Great Job :) I have some kind of experiences with string library so far. I owned some spitfire , CCS and other library, i was drawn to VSL pretty much by the concept of MIR PRO. But then I was surprised by how great the VSL sounded ( got myself the special edition ) I wanted to know if Synchron version or VI version works the best with MIr Pro So I was just wondering if you guys can send me a demo copy of ANY VI string library For me to test drive with MIr Pro . Thank you !!

  • actually I've just bought the library to test run it .. 

    somehow the MIR Pro just keep crashing on my Logic Pro - when I press pace 

  • Please contact us via and add the exact version number of the DAW, MIR Pro as well as the operating system.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist