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  • Dimension Brass & Dimension Strings questions

    1. Is there an upgrade / xgrade path from Instruments to Synchron? Is the order I need to buy them Instruments and then Synchron, and any idea on the price of xgrade?

    2. How many velocity layers in the standard and full libraries, and is it the same for the other standard / full libraries (for example, the solo coronet vs the dimension series).

    3. Do these libraries have dynamic, CC controllable vibrato for each instrument?

    4. Can these libraries deep fry things or bring world peace?

    I am very seriously thinking about jumping into the full libraries, having worked with the special editions for several years, for two reasons. The not so subtle three layers offered in the special editions are just not working for me anymore. It is not that I need more articulations, its the lack of timbre changes between pp, mf, and ff. Not being able to control vibrato is killing me for solo instruments, so there is that too.

    My plan is to start on the "winds" section.

  • Ok...didnt realize I had access to the all the answers I needed... Looks like velocity layers vary between 1 and 4 depending on the articulation being used and for the more common artics, 3-4 seems about what it has. Kinda hoped there were more but maybe I can try a demo and see if there is enough nuance.

    Still not sure on vibrato stuff but the manual is 300 pages long so still going through it