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  • VEP 7, 20+ minutes to load with no preloaded sounds

    Core i7 8700k, 64 gb of ram, running a handful of VST's and as the title says, I have been waiting for VEP 7 to load for the past 20 minutes and its still scanning plugins.

    I have EastWest, Kontakt, Vienna Instruments, Synchron, Synchron Piano, and MIR Pro, along with Izotope RX7 and Eventide's Blackhole plugins.

    I guess Im not doing any writing tonight, this is insane, its just gotten worse and worse scanning for plugins, it was never addressed since VEP 7 was first released and now, it doesnt even load. Yes, Ive rebooted. I dont run any virus scanners except what Windows 10 comes with, and yes, before you ask, I checked, the computer is plugged in.

    How can I use VEP 7?

    *Edit* Ok, went out to eat, came back, still scanning plugins. My list of non-vienna plugins is nowhere near 50, there is no reason it should take this long.

  • Could you tell me which plugins take so long to be scanned? The names of the scanned plugins should be showing.

  • No plugin names show while its scanning.

  • This is what it looks like when I start VEP7. Takes somewhere between 20 minutes and 4 hours to load.

  • What I could think of, is if you have mistakenly added your root drive path for VST plugins. This would cause scanning to take a very long time. To reset plugin paths (and other settings), you can delete your VEP preferences file, and then start VEP again:

    C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\VSL\Vienna Ensemble Pro.ini

  • Nope, only folder here is my Kontakt folder, for giggles, I removed the Kontakt folder and restarted it, still takes at least 5 minutes, I closed after the 5 minutes.

    Also, I dont have an ini file in that directory, I have show hidden files and folders enabled.

  • I have sent you a PM, I hope we can resolve this together. I'm very curious to find out what is causing this issue on your machine.