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  • Synchron Violas Cantabile F3 & F#3 out of tune

    Is there a way to apply a particular tuning (fine tuning in my case) to a Synchron Player instance?

    I mean I know about the Edit tuning feature but this one applies patch by patch... In VIpro, there's a global tuning feature in Master Settings which applies to all included patches of the instance. Is there anything similar in Synchron Player?


  • Hi, 

    Yes, the tuning setting on the PERFORM tab affects the whole Synchron Player instance. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thank you.

    I tried something with the Perform tuning but it appears the global tuning was not the problem actually . I'm talking about Synchron Violas.

    On Synchron Violas, Cantabile Patch (Long/Soft/Cantabile), F3 and F#3 are out of tune (F#3 even more than F3). Tune is dramatically low.

    Please find an attached audio file, C3 chromatic scale, successively Soft/Cantabile/Light Vib & Soft/Regular/NoVib. At the end, octaves F3/F4 & F#3/F#4, Cantabile and Regular again.

  • Hi javajam, 

    I'm afraid I can't hear it, and there is also no option to tune individual notes in Synchron Player (or VI Pro). 

    One workaround is to work with a second Synchron Player instance that takes care of those 2 notes whenever needed... 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Just listen to carefully, the scale starts on C3, the faulty notes are F and F#.
    I noticed that on a line featuring D-F#-A. The D/F# major 3rd interval is terrible (and the minor 3rd F#/A too indeed)...
    Both F and F# octaves are dissonant on Cantabile patch.

     As checked with a tuner:
    - G3 is similar, whatever Cantabile or Regular
    - F3: 348Hz (Cantabile) vs 350Hz (Regular)
    - F#3: 368Hz (Cantabile) vs 372Hz (Regular).

  • Folllowing, here are:

    - D3-F#3 line: first with CantabileLightVib, second with RegularVib
    - A3-F#3 line: same alternation
    - 5th F#3/C#4 chord: 1st & 3rd with CantabileLightVib, 2nd & 4th with RegularVib

    It hurts...

  • Any feedback or expected fix for this, please ?

  • Hi Paul,

    Can you please give us a feedback about this issue?

    Thank you,

  • We'll come back as soon as possible!

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
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    @javajam: How many are you? 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @bbelius said:

    We'll come back as soon as possible!

    Should a fix be expectable for these two notes?

    Sorry, I don't get what you mean (?)

  • Javajam, I've put your audio clip into Melodyne Studio 4 to get a reasonably objective look at the pitches. From my experience and many laboratory-type tests using a calibrated external 10-digit counter/timer, I treat Melodyne's pitch detection as accurate only to within about ±3 cents, typically within ±2 cents. Nevertheless Melodyne - carefully used - is a very useful tool and it told me the following about your audio clip:

    f4 Vib: -5 cents; f4 NoVib: +5 cents.

    f#4 Vib: -14 cents: f#4 NoVib: +5 cents.

    So I concur with you about the f#4 Vibrato being too far out of tune, even for a rich vibrato type of articulation which usually can cloak a lot of tuning sins.

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    @Macker said:

    f4 Vib: -5 cents; f4 NoVib: +5 cents.
    f#4 Vib: -14 cents: f#4 NoVib: +5 cents.

    Hi Macker,

    Thank you so much for your efforts, it confirms the respective frequencies I reported on one of my comments a while ago.

    Knowing that my instruments are tuned @442Hz (the +5 cents you reported I guess, should be a bit more but the difference only is relevant here), the difference in cents I can calculate from the frequency gap is particularly similar to yours:

    F3: 350Hz (Regular) vs 348Hz (Cantabile) = 9.92 cents (your result = 10 cents)
    F#3: 372Hz (Regular) vs 368Hz (Cantabile) = 18.72 cents (your result = 19 cents)

    Furthermore, rich vibrato tends to go to higher pitch better than to a lower one indeed... And whatever it couldn't be a global 8 Violas low tune.

    With global tuning @442Hz, accurate notes frequencies in equal tempered scale are:
    F3 = 350.82Hz
    F#3 = 371.68Hz

    To sum up, F3 is 1/10th tone too low, F#3 is 1/5th tone too low, we're close to oriental scale there...


  • So, it looks like soon was not possible...

    Just to know, should we expect for a fix for this issue or will it definitely stay 'as is' ?

  • Meanwhile I just purchased the library and waiting for it to finish downloading 😅

    But I have faith VSL is working on it

    Afterall this is their Main string library. 


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    @149163 said:

    But I have faith VSL is working on it

    Who knows... 3 months passed and no reply.

  • should try email them 

  • Great to see that more than one year later, this has just not been even fixed in the last Synchron Strings I update. I'm impressed. :-/