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  • Performance Spiccato and Detache Concept?

    Just received Chamber Strings - a library that I have lusted after for almost a year. I must say that, of all the libraries that I currently possess, this one stuns me for its uniform excellence, musicality, and realism. Great job VSL! Makes me want to put on a white powdered wig and coat with tails, and start cranking out rollicking concertos (maybe it's just me?) [:D]

    Curious, though, about the performance spiccato and detache patches. I've searched the forum and found other questions on this topic - but didn't completely grasp the responses. It would seem that these patches, like the performance legatos, utlilize the performance tool to activate appropriate transition samples from note to note. The effect clearly seems to work -- but is also subtle (at least to my ears - perhaps I'm not using them right.)

    What is the actually philosophy behind these patches? In other words - what problem was VSL trying to solve? What do the performance spiccato and detache patches provide that simple individual short notes won't give? Just curious - so that I'll know their proper application.

    Kind Regards - and thanks for the inspiring tools!

  • Hi Existence,

    thanks for your kind words.
    Regarding concept for the performance spiccatos and detaches:
    also these articulations are sounding different, depending if the player performes a detache or spiccato as a starting note, or as following (target) notes.
    The attack is different, because the strings are already resonating and the resonance can overlap into the following note.
    You also get a natural randomness performing different intervall steps to the same target note, and so on.
    In other words, it sounds much more realistic.


  • Thank you Herb! That really helps, and the effect in practice is quite good - especially on fast passages with the spiccatos. Also, I appreciate getting direct feedback from the creator of the company - that is special.

    Chamber Strings is a fantastic product that derserves to be talked about more...

  • Herb,

    Will the Chamber strgs be a part of the Symphonic Ed (for us Pro Ed users who upgrade}?


  • Hi Rob,

    every upgrade path needs some basics to upgrade from, and as Chamber Strings is a complete product by itself, it wouldn´t really make sense to call it "upgrading" from the Pro Edition. But there will be fair upgrade prices for the Symphonic Cube, as always!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • So they're definatly included in the Cube?