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  • Synchron Strings muting on playback

    Have had this issue since the beginning with Synchron Strings in Pro Tools:

    Instantiate an instance, record a performance, and everything plays normally.

    Then after about 20 minutes, Synchron Strings will play only the first second of the line you reoorded, and then it goes silent. It sounds like some controller is pulling the volume all the way down quickly. But that's not what's causing the problem.

    I've dealt with this for the last year by rendering the MIDI to audio. I think this mainly happens with the legato presets but I'm not sure.

    Any idea what's causing this?


  • Hi Gary, 

    Thanks for reporting. 

    What are the exact steps to reproduce this? Which OS, which versions, which hardware, which PT version? VE Pro involved? How is it connected?

    Do you have a short, simple example that you can send us?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. I'm trying to reproducec this with a blank session with only a few instances of Synchron Violins 1>Soft>Legato>Canabile>Light vib. So far in this session there are no problems. I'll continue to inveestigate.

    To answer you questions, I'm on Pro Tools 2020.5.0 and Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4, both the latest versions. Hardware is an Avid MTRX interface, and Synchron is instantiated directly onto a Pro Tools instrument track, not using VE Pro.

    If I can get a sample. I'll send.

    Thanks again!